Start Of Something New

          This blog has been long time coming. I was laying in bed at the end of December trying to decide how to relieve some stress and it was either hold in all my emotions or write…so I decided what best way to write than a blog. It isn’t about people reading the post or announcing to the whole world my life. It is about expressing myself, shedding light to who I might be.

         Writing a little bit about myself to shed some light about who I am. I have been writing for 10 years. I have always been a spiritual and emotional person growing up. I found an outlet while putting pen to paper and letting go of my emotions. Being able to express myself in other ways rather than keeping it all in was the best way I could imagine. Writing has open many different opportunities for me. I have written a couple short stories fiction and non fiction. Poems fill notebooks in my nightstand drawer and notes in my phone. Writing in a day in age where words are more important than ever for everyone around us.

      I’ve learned throughout the years that everyone goes through things whether we understand it or not. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes might be hard but knowing personal tragedy isn’t. My writing is my own and comes from with in and my own personal life and opinions. Which is why I choose to start a blog to share my life, love and tragedies. Hoping some will gain comfort that they aren’t going through things alone.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you continue to read.

Love Maritza

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