True love

In March 2016 the last thing I was thinking about was entering into another yet failed relationship. I had fallen in love with a complete asshole, two years of my life gone and nothing resulting in anything remotely close to “true love”. My love life was headed on a downward spiral. I had a track record of guys only wanting one thing and one night dates. I wasn’t sure what to do. Online dating the place to find someone wasn’t turning out to be all that fantastic, but all that changed on Easter Sunday 2016.

Saturday March 26th, I ended up in the emergency room for a swollen face and excruciating pain. Ends up I had a infection on my tooth(an abscess). After 5 hours, pain drugs, a diagnoses and antibiotics I was ready for the day to be over. The following day I was ready to put the last 24 hours behind me.It was Easter Sunday, I got dressed up and was hanging out at home. I had been talking to a guy for a couple weeks and it seemed to be going great. We figured out we weren’t doing anything and we were both just hanging out at home. He asked to hangout and I was a little reluctant because I looked like I had marshmallows stuck in my cheek, but I said yes. Only problem was he had to come pick me up because I was on pain medication that didn’t allow me drive. Little did I know that my life was about to get a lot more exciting.

After my date picked me up I was starting to feel at ease. We got along great, It didn’t feel like we just meet 5 minutes before. He lived about 20 minutes away from my house at the time so it made for a fast car ride. Nervous as I was I felt just at home. We laughed, cracked jokes, and watch tv. Not to mention he was good looking, smelled good and looked great and my marshmallow cheek didn’t bother him, he even said I was a “cute chipmunk”. Needless to say that night went amazing. Weeks had past and I caught myself talking day and night with him, hanging out everyday and dinner dates all the time.He was the last thing I expected to happen to me but It was best thing that could. Who knew that one person can make you feel a thousand butterflies.

10months later I couldn’t imagine my life without him and we couldn’t be any happier. Love truly does come in mysterious ways and the best things happen when you least expect them to. When God closes one door,  it is for the next greatest thing to come in through the next one. I spent so long trying to fix my last relationship that I truly forgot what being loved truly felt like. He is my everything and I wouldn’t be where I am without his love and support everyday and For you I am truly grateful.

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