Happiest day alive


             Its been a while since I have written a post so I thought I would sit, relax and write….so here I go…….We as a people, not only as a couple but individuals have gone through some life changing events in the last 10months of our relationship. The love between us has grown tremendously since we have known each other and it continues to grow everyday. I realized I fell in love with my boyfriend back in June but it wasn’t until recently that I truly saw and even understood why I truly love this man.

              You ever had a day that was truly the happiest day ever but the most nerve wreaking day all in one? A day that blows any other day out of the water. For weeks I have felt sick, nausea, headaches and weird stomach pain. Not knowing what was wrong and google being my best friend I finally decided to figure out what was wrong. So the morning of October 4th I woke up thinking ok, I am going to just get this out of my mind and decided to take a pregnancy test as I prayed to God he would guide me through what was bound to happen. I was waiting for the results but not paying attention to the actual time. My work alarm went off and I had to hurry out the door. The time for the test wasn’t up yet but my time was, I rushed out just quickly glancing at what I fullsizerenderbelieved to be negative sign. I shoved the pregnancy test back into the original box and left. My whole day at work was thrown off and I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. I had always wanted to be a mother but maybe the time just wasn’t right. I got home that night and something felt off telling me to look again at the test  but chances are false negatives never happen, rarely unheard of so what was the harm of looking again. I took the test out of the box and to my shocking result the test didn’t read negative! There before me read a clear positive

              I was scared, nervous and a little bit excited for the news I was about to tell Joe. After the initial shock of the news we were ok. We decided to take it one day at a time and to retest a couple days later. We were disappointed when test after test for the next two weeks read negative. I thought for sure we would’ve been pregnant with the way I was feeling and just the timing and no menstrual cycle.I was very frustrated and concerned because if I wasn’t pregnant something was very wrong with my body and the outcome scared me more than pushing out a baby.

        After our halloween party and weekend with friends Monday October 24 Joe and I had a serious conversation that weather or not we will make it through what ever the future holds. After Joe left for work I decided hell, I was just going to test for the hell of it and we had two extra test left. I sat there waited the 3 minutes it actually says to wait , I expected the same negative result as the prior 5 test but man was wrong. I sat there in shock and wanting to cry with relief. In my hand I held a positive pregnancy test . I couldn’t wait to call Joe and express the happiness I felt! At work on lunch I took another test reading positive. I took one more test later that day to make sure we were for sure pregnant and it was true. We were going to be parent!  It was one of the happiest day of my life, I couldn’t believe this was coming true. My life long dream of being a mother was actually going to come true and I wouldn’t have wished it to be with anyone else other than the love of my life. I knew we were going to be great parents and Joe had my back no matter what. As the happiness set in I couldn’t help to be worried of what the future would hold but nothing could come close for what would happen almost two months later.img_0390

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