We only live once

As I cope with the loss of a baby, and try to render my life back into normality It is hard to actually have faith that one day everything will be ok. A lot of things have changed in the 5 months after the loss. The one thing that  hasn’t change is the constant support I have received from not only family, friends and coworkers but the massive amount Of support I have received  from all around social media and people who know my story. The greatest thing is knowing I am not alone in my struggle.

I am a worrier, and I stress very easily so keeping myself busy definitely has helped with occupying my mind and actually moving forward in my life. A big part is to my boyfriend for reassuring me everything is going to be ok.  I finally made a decision that after such a loss I deserve to put myself forward and follow my dreams. We only live one life and nothing is ever promised to us. As sad as my situation was and still is, moving forward in life is really the greatest gift I can give myself.


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